E Bull Jet Libin and Ebin  popularly known as E bull Jet siblings who runs a YouTube channel with 1.29M+ Subscribers  These young you tubers are from Kannur, Kerala and they are famous by their van life videos.


Along with Ebull jet the Van also got a huge number of fan followers.

E Bull Jet | Southlive

They named their van as Napoleon a Force traveler van which they are using to create Van life videos. E Bull jet  Libin and Ebin has salary is about average 2 lakh in month. The wisdom imparted via the E Bull Jet brothers on life and journey at some stage in their video changed into certainly inspiring, specifically considering the fact they barely finished their faculty education.

Kerala police book supporters of E Bull Jet brothers on charges of invoking  violence | The News Minute

E Bull Jet Biography

Label Ebin Libin
Real name Ebin Varghese Libin Varghese
Age 27 25
Marital status Married Unmarried
Place Iritty, Kannur Iritty, Kannur
Education 10th Higher Secondary
Profession You tuber You tuber
Spouse name Abhirami NIL
Contact ebulljet@gmail.com

Lived experience is the real essence of what they try to speak with the sector. And in this way, they talk with a bigger target market who’re young and do no longer have time to read heavy toms to satiate their starvation for adventure or know-how. This niche makes E Bull Jet as an all-time favorite of all generations of human beings, a method so diffused but obvious that lamentably many vloggers in Kerala are not able to realize.


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